TIA Indoor Season 2023  
Event Date:
Start Time:
2:00 pm 
TIA 8 - Western Expansion Region  
Event Address
1000 Kelton Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Contact Name:
Ms. Casey Mahaven 
Contact Email: 
Contact Phone:
Website URL:
Registration Deadline:
Open For Registration:
No  (Deadline Passed) 
Floorplan Type:
Enter North, Exit South


Marching Percussion: SRP

Start Time Unit
1:00 pm Elizabeth Forward HS
1:09 pm Ringgold HS
1:18 pm Baldwin HS

Stationary Percussion: SAS

Start Time Unit
1:27 pm McKeesport Area HS

Stationary Percussion: SOS

Start Time Unit
1:36 pm Penn-Trafford HS

Guard: SNG

Start Time Unit
1:46 pm Blackhawk (G)
1:54 pm Serra Catholic HS
2:02 pm Baldwin HS
2:10 pm Yough HS
2:18 pm Avella HS
2:26 pm McGuffey HS
2:34 pm Hempfield Area HS (8)

Guard: SRG

Start Time Unit
2:42 pm McKeesport Area HS

Guard: ISG

Start Time Unit
2:50 pm Pittsburgh Performance Project

Guard: IWG

Start Time Unit
2:58 pm Steel City Ambassadors
3:08 pm Andromeda X

Twirlers: IJT

Start Time Unit
3:54 pm Joy School of Dance (G)

Twirlers: SRT

Start Time Unit
4:00 pm Hempfield Area MS (8)

Twirlers: IRT

Start Time Unit
4:08 pm Joy School Of Dance (G)
4:08 pm Exquisite Twirlers
4:16 pm Fast Forward

Twirlers: SAT

Start Time Unit
4:24 pm Hempfield Area HS (8)

Twirlers: IAT

Start Time Unit
4:32 pm Fast Forward

Twirlers: SUT

Start Time Unit
4:40 pm Pitt Golden Girls (G)

Dance: ICD

Start Time Unit
4:46 pm Exquisite Cadets

Dance: IRD

Start Time Unit
4:52 pm Exquisite Dance
5:00 pm Fast Forward

Dance: IOD

Start Time Unit
5:08 pm Co-Motion
5:16 pm Fast Forward

Total Units: 29