Event Date:
TIA Indoor Season 2019  
TIA 2 - Northeastern Pennsylvania Region  
Start Time:
1:00 PM 
Street Address 1:
347 Penn Ave. 
Street Address 2:
Zip Code:
Website URL:
Contact Name:
Mr. Neal Lutz 
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:
c. 610-334-1090 
Registration Deadline:
Open For Registration:
No  (Deadline Passed) 
Enter East, Exit West

Marching Percussion: SRP

Start Time Unit
12:00 PM Parkland HS
12:09 PM Northern York HS

Marching Percussion: SAP

Start Time Unit
12:18 PM Souderton HS

Stationary Percussion: SAS

Start Time Unit
12:27 PM Trinity HS
12:36 PM Wilson HS
12:45 PM New Providence HS
12:54 PM Conrad Weiser HS

Dance: SCD

Start Time Unit
1:33 PM Kutztown ES

Dance: ICD

Start Time Unit
1:39 PM Small Steps Big Dream Flamingos
1:45 PM Rhythm in Motion Cadets

Dance: SMD

Start Time Unit
1:51 PM Kutztown MS

Dance: IJD

Start Time Unit
1:58 PM Rhythm In Motion Jr

Dance: IRD

Start Time Unit
2:05 PM Small Steps Big Dreams
2:13 PM Freedom Dance
2:21 PM Remade by Dance

Dance: SRD

Start Time Unit
2:29 PM Kutztown HS

Dance: IAD

Start Time Unit
2:37 PM Rhythm in Motion Sr

Twirlers: ICT

Start Time Unit
2:50 PM Small Steps Big Dream Flamingos
2:56 PM Revolution Cadet

Twirlers: SCT

Start Time Unit
3:02 PM Kutztown ES

Twirlers: IJT

Start Time Unit
3:08 PM Salisbury Jr
3:15 PM Rhythm in Motion Jr
3:22 PM Impact

Twirlers: IRT

Start Time Unit
3:29 PM Small Steps Big Dreams

Twirlers: SRT

Start Time Unit
3:37 PM Kutztown HS

Twirlers: SAT

Start Time Unit
3:45 PM Salisbury HS

Twirlers: IAT

Start Time Unit
3:53 PM The Legionettes
4:01 PM Rhythm in Motion Sr

Twirlers: IST

Start Time Unit
4:09 PM Revolution

Guard: ICG

Start Time Unit
4:52 PM Small Steps Big Dream Flamingos
4:58 PM Lunar Kidets
5:04 PM Freedom Cadets

Guard: IJG

Start Time Unit
5:10 PM Small Steps Big Dreams

Guard: SMG

Start Time Unit
5:17 PM Conrad Weiser MS

Guard: IRG

Start Time Unit
5:24 PM Vega Guard
5:32 PM Squires of Emmaus
5:40 PM Freedom Guard
5:48 PM Moxie Guard

Guard: SRG

Start Time Unit
6:01 PM Catasauqua HS
6:09 PM William Tennent HS
6:17 PM Parkland HS
6:25 PM Donegal HS
6:33 PM Hershey HS
6:41 PM Conrad Weiser HS

Guard: SIG

Start Time Unit
6:49 PM Daniel Boone HS
6:57 PM Souderton HS

Guard: IAG

Start Time Unit
7:05 PM Polaris

Total Units: 47